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The content on the "Public Resources" portion of the website is dedicated to assisting the people of Jackson-Madison County by providing legal information on a variety of topics.  This content is provided by the Jackson-Madison County Bar Association as a public service and for general information only.  The "Public Resources" information available through is basic legal information and is neither intended as legal advice, nor a substitute for legal advice.  No attorney-client relationship is created herein.  You should consult your attorney if you have questions concerning any specific situation.  If you do not have an attorney, may we suggest that you visit our "Need a Lawyer" link [link this in to the need a lawyer section] or find a lawyer in the phone book.  The topics covered through the "Public Resources" section will provided basic information and should make it easier for someone with a problem to decide whether they need professional help froma lawyer or if another agency could provide them with assistance.